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We bring you and your company to UAE and provide Swiss services to UAE companies and individuals. Set up your company in UAE, receive your residency permit and have your banking in Switzerland. This is what we do for you. Fischer Legal Consulting is a one-stop law firm providing comprehensive management of your case, legal question or requested services.
Our role is to bring brilliant expertise to the table to serve you best. We believe that every task should be taken over by a designated expert, but as our client, you will only need to talk to one expert: your lawyer at Fischer Legal Consulting. This lawyer is your case manager and brings the experts you need together to find the best solutions and solve your request in due time. What you receive is a tailormade service that will cover all your needs and will be fulfilled by renown experts worldwide. We sign responsible for the service and guarantee best practice and standards through our network and cooperation partners. We can refer to a large network of banks, financial service providers, local law firms, accountants, tax experts and government officials. It is our duty to connect you to the relevant service provider and guarantee high end solutions that you can rely on and grow your business with.


RF covers extensive in-house experience and knowledge in various legal areas (practice area). If necessary, we call in internationally renowned experts and colleagues from our network for all legal areas. We have consistently gained positive experience with these colleagues over many years of cooperation. We know who you need for which question and thus guarantee legal expertise from internationally recognized specialists in their field. The overall view of the case remains with your RF attorney. You will be professionally looked after, informed and involved by your partner as far as this is requested or desired.

Since we know your case in detail and coordinate it, we are extremely efficient in cooperating with our colleagues and at all time keep an overview of all areas of your request. All parties involved are instructed by one single source, your attorney, your partner. This applies to consulting mandates as well as to forensic work in court and with authorities. And of course, you enjoy the same service if we can provide all services for you in-house.


Anna Fischer is the founder of Fischer Legal Consulting and the owner and founder of RF Law. Her practice goes back to 2003 when she opened her first law firm as a general practitioner. In 2015 she specialized in International Criminal Law (LL.M.) and in 2023 Anna expands her expertise in Art Law with the Executive Master in Art Market Studies from the University of Zurich. The expertise of Anna has been formed by several experiences such as founding and managing an NFT company for architecture in 2020 (, being a supervised Financial Intermediary since 2017, as well as being a Board Member for Swiss companies in the financial and legal sector. CV upon request.  Anna is a registered Attorney-at-law with the High Court of Zurich and member of the Zurich and Swiss Bar Association.

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Faisal is an innovative & performance-driven executive with significant experience in Strategy planning & Execution, Project Management, Operation Management, Digital Transformation, HSE, Talent Management, Financial management, Stakeholder management. True Emirate, hands-on, dynamic leader with over 15 years of experience guiding and motivating cross-functional teams, Faisal is highly creative with strong technical expertise and business acumen. Within FLC Faisal takes care of all clients who need specific advisory within the UAE to achieve tailor made solutions which require contacts and a wide local network.

Faisal Anwahi

Area of expertise

Wherever you are now, we want to know, where you want to go to - and then take you there. We provide services in Dubai for Swiss and foreign clients worldwide; services such as banking solutions, company founding, Emirates ID and local infrastructure.

And just as well the other way round: If you are a UAE resident or have a company in UAE we provide banking solutions, financing, and further services in Switzerland.

Get the best of both worlds and combine Emirati openminded entrepreneurial surrounding with traditional and established Swiss financial services.

At FLC we provide:

Business advice and support

  • Introduction to Swiss banks for UAE clients.
  • Banking transactions with Financial Intermediary, Escrow Services, Bank introduction, complex payment structures.
  • Tax-issues UAE-Switzerland: Introduction to certified accountant, legal opinion on tax relevant questions.
  • Counseling on business opportunities in UAE, specialized in Swiss/UAE transactions.

Onboard UAE

  • One-stop-shop approach regarding further legal advice for your company or individuals by providing the relevant team to serve you best.
  • Onboard in the UAE, advisory on suitable company and complete set-up, Emirates ID, local banking and off-shore, housing and schooling, on-site support.

New Tech

  • Inhouse expertise in blockchain based technologies, including legal advice, structures, and contracts for NFT companies, Crypto currencies, Software experts, New Tech professionals.
  • Expertise for blockchain related business, art, metaverse, e-commerce: NFTs sale and purchase, IPR contracts, smart contracts, code of conduct, too good to be evil license, legal opinion on blockchain based questions.

Our related company in Switzerland is Zurich based boutique law firm RF ( both managed by Anna Fischer, Attorney-at-law.


Put your case in our hands and we will personally stand up for your rights.


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